Gameplay Overview

The entire gameplay of Spinnia is tied to the mining of the SPN game token. This is a valuable resource that gives limitless possibilities to players.

To mine SPN, you need Spinney NFT and an SPN token as working capital. You can buy them on the exchange. Place your Spinney in a special slot and start mining.

There is also an option to earn SPN without working capital. For this you will need an infinity rune NFT, which will generate you working capital in automatic mode. A premium account is required in this mode.

Premium account opens the possibility to use the infinity rune and increases the earnings. To activate it, you need to burn Premium Access in your personal account.

To increase SPN production you can upgrade your profile by burning SPN token in your personal account. More burned - more income.

You can always get NFT by burning SPN token in Craft section. You can also enjoy a big discount on crafting if you use an SPN token from your Spinney storage.

You can improve your Spinney by playing the Boost UP mini game. Just register your Spinny by paying a small fee. Each day, if enough participants are registered, a winner will be chosen at random. The rest will be sent their Spinney back and a bonus ticket for Offer Tag.

Mass Offer Tag drawings allow you to win your coveted NFTs. All you need to participate is Bonus Tickets (Tags), which you can register in any of the Offers you like. The more tickets you register on a specific offerer, the better chances you will have to win.

The referral system allows you to passively earn Offer Tags bonus tickets and more. Invite friends and get valuable prizes.

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