Seasonal system offering players the opportunity to compete and earn outstanding rewards.

Season Period

A season represents a specific period during which players strive to achieve the highest position in the rankings to receive the best rewards upon its conclusion.

Battle Ranking System

Players engage in ranked battles, where each victory earns them a certain amount of trophies. Conversely, a defeat deducts a specific number of trophies. This creates a dynamic environment where players aim to improve their Spinneys and overcome opponents.

Daily Attempt Limit

Each Spinney is granted 5 attempts to participate in ranked matches within a 24-hour period. This limitation adds a strategic element to the game, requiring players to carefully choose moments for their battles and plan their actions.

Season Rewards

At the conclusion of the season, the ranking position of your Spinneys determines the total reward amount you will receive. This may include unique items, resources for enhancing Spinneys, as well as in-game currency.

Seasonality in Battle Spinney Mode establishes a dynamic and competitive environment, motivating players to continually improve their Spinneys and battle strategies to dominate the rankings and secure the best rewards.

Mechanism of Seasonal Reset:

Upon introducing NFTs into the game, they undergo a burning process and are applied to the current season. This allows the utilization of the NFTs and body attributes in the ongoing season.

As the season approaches its conclusion, following the distribution of rewards, a reset takes place. All NFTs and associated attributes are cleared. This marks the conclusion of the current competitive cycle.

With the commencement of a new season, players are presented with a clean slate. The burning and clearing of NFTs create a sense of renewal, encouraging players to explore different strategies, acquire new NFTs, and engage in new battles to once again ascend the career ladder.

Thanks to this approach, each "Battle Spinneys" season brings a feeling of freshness and unpredictability. Players acquire new Spinneys and attributes, explore novel possibilities, and strive for dominance at the start of each season.

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