Battle Modes


  • 1v1 with a shared prize pool.

  • Participation after a fixed SPN stake.

  • 90% of the prize pool goes to the winner 10% is burning.

  • Main incentive - earning SPN and leveling up the Spinney.

Battle Royal

  • Functions like a Duel but involves 10 Spinney.

  • The total pool is distributed among 3 places: 40%, 25%, 15%.

  • 20% is burning.

Ranked Duel

  • Seasonal mode with WAX and NFT prize pool.

  • Each Spinney gets 5 attempts per day.

  • Attempts can be bought with SPN.

  • The goal is to take the top spot in the leaderboard and get the highest reward.

Battle Process

  • Automatic mode.

  • Spinny are placed on the arena, start rotating, and moving.

  • Collision triggers randomization for Attack and Defense, determining damage.

  • Spinney scatter based on the force of impact.

  • Cycle repeats until one Spinny runs out of HP.

External Influences on Battle:

  • Buffs: HP replenishers, boosters, temporary shields appear on the arena.

  • Debuffs: Traps like traps, molotovs, saws may appear, dealing additional damage to players.

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