Infinity Runes

Infinity Runes are used to energize Spinney. With their help, Spinney stops consuming SPN token and starts generating it indefinitely.

The benefits of the Infinity Rune:

  1. Continuous Spinney Rotation

  2. Cancels all SPN costs during rotation

Continuous Spinney Rotation

By utilizing the rune, the countdown timer is eliminated, and your Spinney enters an infinite spinning state. This eliminates the need to repeatedly restart your Spinney to maintain its spinning activity.

Cancels all SPN costs during rotation

Upon activating the rune, all Spinney rotation costs are nullified, allowing your Spinney to generate net profit without consuming SPN tokens.

Main Stats

Produces per day


Price from storage

960 SPN

Craft Price

1150 SPN

To enjoy these advantages, you need to activate a premium account and allocate a Rune in a matching Spinney slot based on its Rarity. Once done, your Spinney card will undergo a visual transformation and commence a continuous generation of SPN. You can remove the rune at any time.

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