Spinnia World Economy Advantages

The majority of projects experience downward trends in their tokens due to an excess supply. The aforementioned points are specifically designed to address and mitigate the issue of token oversupply within the Spinnia World project.

No market pressure

Without owning SPN tokens, NFTs are not profitable, so NFT owners have no impact on the token market. To benefit from their NFTs, they must purchase an SPN token, thereby continuously stimulating token growth.

The incentive to hold token

In order to generate profits, players must consistently consume and freeze circulating tokens for an indefinite period. The longer the player refrains from withdrawing tokens from Storage, the higher their mining multiplier becomes. Withdrawing SPN from Storage results in a loss of speed progress, which incentivizes players to refrain from doing so for as long as they can.

The incentive to reinvest

Players are granted the privilege to utilize an SPN token from Storage for purchasing new NFTs at a substantial discount. Furthermore, this process does not result in any loss of speed progress, allowing the player to maintain a high multiplier. This aspect of the project's economy effectively motivates players to refrain from withdrawing SPN tokens, but rather to employ them for acquiring additional NFTs. As a result, players can accumulate personal wealth within the game.

Huge token burning

Many token-burning mechanics are available, including crafting new NFTs, withdrawal commissions, mini-games, profile enhancements, and NFT upgrades.

Halving system

The implementation of the halving system ensures the sustenance of token demand even after an extended duration.

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