Body customization

A base body of the Spinney is formed, inheriting certain characteristics from the chosen head. These attributes serve as the foundation for future enhancements.

The body of your Battle Spinney is a canvas for strategic customization, it houses various attributes that greatly affect your stats and power that are important in battles. Players have the ability to enhance and optimize their Spinney body by purchasing and upgrading various attributes.

  1. Primary Weapon:

    • The main offensive tool equipped on your Spinney, influencing its damage output.

  2. Support Weapon:

    • An additional weapon that provides additional damage.

  3. Framework:

    • The structural foundation of your Spinney, influencing its overall durability and resilience.

  4. Ring:

    • A customizable ring with unique properties, contributing to both defense and offense.

  5. Artifact 1:

    • A special item that adds advantages to your Spinney.

  6. Artifact 2:

    • Another special item that adds advantages to your Spinney.

  7. Energy Shield:

    • A protective shield that absorbs and mitigates damage during battles, adding a layer of defense to your Spinney.

Combining and improving body attributes plays a key role in determining the overall power of your Battle Spinney. Strategically selecting and upgrading these attributes will be key factors in your quest for dominance on the Spin Clash arena.

Attributes can be obtained from Lootboxes or obtained as a reward for completing certain tasks in the game.

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