SPN Token

SPN is the main token of the Spinnia game, which is listed on the Alcore and TacoSwap exchanges.

SPN is produced only when the Spinney NFT is rotated

SPN burn mechanics :

  • Crafting new NFTs

  • Withdrawal fees

  • Profile Improvement

  • NFT Upgrade

  • Mini-games

The project's tokenomics are intentionally structured to ensure that the SPN token does not serve as the primary source of income to sustain the project. We refrain from selling SPN tokens on exchanges to avoid excessive market pressure. Our profits are generated directly in WAX by offering services such as selling Spinney installation slots, premium subscriptions, and a fixed commission in WAX for SPN withdrawal transactions from the project. These monetization approaches enable us to focus on project development without exerting undue pressure on the SPN token trading market.

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