Spin Clash

PVP mode

Spin Clash is a PVP Play-to-Earn (P2E) online game mode where Spinney Trainers customize, train, and send their Spinney into battle. The players goal is to secure high positions in the rankings and earn valuable rewards in WAX and NFTs.

Gameplay in the Spin Clash is both thrilling and unpredictable. Battles are automated, which adds an element of luck, but the deciding factor is your Spinney power.

The arena is a dynamic battleground, hosting epic clashes. As a Spinney trainer, your goal is to enhance the strength of your Spinneys, ensuring they emerge victorious in every encounter.

The key to success in the arena lies in continuously upgrading and refining your Spinney. By earning rewards through victories, players can enhance the overall strength of their Spinneys, improving their chances of success in battles.

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