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In the rapidly evolving world of NFT gaming, where stability and long-term growth often teeter on the brink between fantasy and reality, Spinnia World stands apart.

With four months of successful operation under its belt the game rapidly gains momentum, serving as a beacon of resilience and reliability in this dynamic sphere.

The upcoming waves of NFT sales are designed to build on this success by offering players the chance to become a part of the game and generate a steady income while remaining at the center of an immersive gameplay experience.

We are proud that our community is built around strong and confident investors who believe in the bright future of Spinnia World. Our goal of creating a long-term Play-to-Earn (P2E) project that allows our players to preserve and grow their capital is becoming to reality.

The development strategy of Spinnia World is focused on providing various modes to attract a wide range of players. To achieve this, we are creating a new PvP Arena mode that will foster competitive spirit among players. This mode will require a significant amount of SPN tokens, which will be used to enhance the combat stats of Spinney for achieving top positions in the leaderboard.

Learn more about Spin Clash (PVP mode) here

Preparing for the new mode requires a large amount of SPN token which is only mined by spinning Spinney. Therefore, we decided to expand our community by giving new players the opportunity to join us before the release of the new mode.

Sale info

Link to Sale

The Box Sale will take place on πŸ“… February 22 at 16:00 UTC in 3 waves. All proceeds from the sale will be allocated to project needs.

The distribution breakdown is as follows: - 30% for SPN token liquidity. - 30% for supporting the development of the PvP mode. - 30% for marketing needs. - 10% for referral rewards.

Starter Box (Contains 2 Spinney) Drop Chances: Common 40% Uncommon 30% Rare 20% Epic 10%

Mystery Box (Contains 3 Spinney) Drop Chances: Common 20% Uncommon 35% Rare 30% Epic 12% Legend 3%

Infinity Box (Contains 2 Spinney and 1 Infinity Rune) Drop Chances: Common 20% Uncommon 35% Rare 30% 22 Epic 12% Legend 3%

The sale will take place in 3 waves:

Wave 1: Guaranteed Claim

To access this wave you need to burn Premium Access in your Spinnia World account according to the Box you want to buy.

Start time 16:00 UTC End time 16:30 UTC

Wave 1 Prices: 600 WAX β€” Starter Box (Supply 150 MAX) 1200 WAX β€” Mystery Box (Supply 150 MAX) 1500 WAX β€” Infinity Box (Supply 150 MAX)

The number of Box Claims in the 1st wave equals the number of Premium Accesses you have burned. If you have not redeemed your boxes in the 30 minutes provided in the first wave they will move on to the second wave.

Wave 2: Whitelist

To get on the whitelist all you need is to complete all tasks in BountyBlox and enter your WAX wallet address in the appropriate field. This whitelist guarantees your participation in wave 2 and 3.

Start time 16:40 UTC (10 minutes after Wave 1) End time 17:20 UTC

Wave 2 Prices: 700 WAX β€” Starter Box (Supply 50 + Unsold from wave 1) 1500 WAX β€” Mystery Box (Supply 50 + Unsold from wave 1) 2200 WAX β€” Infinity Box (Supply 50 + Unsold from wave 1)

1 claim per wallet Countdown for repeated claims 10 minutes. All unsold boxes will be burned πŸ”₯

Wave 3: Free Mint

On this wave, you can mint the Promo Magmus NFT for free if you have been whitelisted.

Start time 17:30 UTC (10 minutes after Wave 2) End time 18:00 UTC

Price: Free β€” Promo Magmus (Supply 200)

Your Benefits of Participation:

A chance to get into the game at almost the same prices as the game’s release. NFTs will always appreciate in value due to the time-tested economic model and additional SPN token burning mechanics.

Utilize your referral link to earn 10% commissions for every purchase made by your referrals. πŸ”—Get your ref link on the sale page.

Receive free NFTs in the third wave of the sale, allowing you to fully explore Spinnia World for FREE and earn.

Get ready for the exciting event at Spinnia World. Burn your Premium Accesses to guarantee your box. Head to BountyBlox to get WL for waves 2 and 3. Participate in the sale and increase your wealth.

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Best Regards Spinnia World Team

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