Spinney are adorable creatures presented as NFTs that have the unique ability to generate SPN coins. They serve as essential creatures required to initiate the game.

Main Stats

Spin Consumption

0,2 SPN


3 hours

Speeding up

40 Spins

Referral points


Requires a paid slot (80 WAX)













Mechanics of SPN token extraction

To start mining SPN token, you must have at least one Spinney. Add it to the game and place it in the specified slot. After that, you will see a card with your Spinney on it with all information and control buttons.

To acquire an SPN token, all you have to do is spin your spinney. With each spin, your cost will be deducted and multiplied by the existing spinney multiplier.

( Spin Profit = Consumption * Total multiplier) → Storage

Spin Profit - The total amount of SPN you get for each spin.

Consumption - The amount of SPN required to press SPIN. The amount of SPN consumed depends on the rarity of your Spinney.

Storage - The designated location where all your SPNs are stored when you activate the SPIN button. It encompasses both the SPNs you have spent and the ones you have gained.

Total multiplier = (Spinney Multiplier - 1 + (Sum of premium multipliers * Spinney speed) * Deflation multiplier) + 1

Spinney Multiplier - The current multiplier applied to your SPNs when you press the SPIN button. This multiplier is determined not only by the rarity of your Spinney but also by its present spinning speed.

Spinney speed - The actual speed of your Spinney determines the activation of your premium multipliers. Speed 1 = 0 Speed 2 = 0.25 Speed 3 = 0.50 Speed 4 = 0.75 Speed 5 = 1

Each time you press the SPIN button, the Spins bar increases by 1 point. When you reach the maximum value on this bar the spin speed of your spins increases and the multiplier increases along with it. This progression continues up to the maximum value of 5 speeds. Once the 5th speed is reached the multiplier remains constant until the spinnery stops.

Deflation multiplier - Depends on the stage of the deflation system.

Sum of premium multipliers = Profile Multiplier + Referral multiplier + Partners multiplier

Profile Multiplier - The multiplier associated with your Profile, which can be enhanced by burning your SPN token.

Referral multiplier - The multiplier associated with your Profile, which can be enhanced by burning your SPN token.

Partners multiplier - The multiplier associated with your Profile, which can be enhanced by burning your SPN token.

SPN withdrawal from Spinney cards

With the loss of Spinney's speed

Stop And Claim button allows you to withdraw all your SPN from the storage. When using this button, your Spinney completely loses progress of accumulated speed.

Without loss of Spinney speed

Players are granted the privilege to utilize an SPN token from Storage for purchasing new NFTs at a substantial discount. This process does not result in any loss of speed progress, allowing the player to maintain a high multiplier. This aspect of the project's economy effectively motivates players to refrain from withdrawing SPN tokens, but rather to employ them for acquiring additional NFTs. As a result, players can accumulate personal wealth within the game.

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