Premium System

An activated Premium allows you to use infinity runes, referral multiplier and profile multiplier. You can activate Premium for each Spinney card individually by clicking on the star toggle in the upper right corner of the card.

There you will also find the specified number of Premium Access Points (PAP) used per day. The amount of PAP usage depends on the rarity of Spinney and the presence of Infinity Runes in the slot.

PAP Costs Table:


Without Rune






Using runes






Burning Premium Access grants you Premium Access Points (PAP), enabling utilization of a Premium Account. You can buy Premium access in the game in the Craft section and you will need both SPN token and WAX in equal measure. You can also burn Spinney to obtain PAP.

All the necessary PAP information can be found in the game's header. Your current number of PAPs, the total number of PAPs used per day and the number of days until Premium is disabled on all cards are displayed there.

If the indicator is green, you have enough PAP, but if the PAP runs out, the indicator turns red 5 days before it runs out. This means you need to pay attention and replenish your PAPs so there is no downtime.

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