Head PFP

Head Attributes in Spin Clash

The head is not just a visual element, it is a unique and powerful NFT that significantly influences your Battle Spinney. The head is a PFP collection rich in a variety of attributes. When a player mints a Head, the process involves a random generation of attributes based on predefined percentages for each attribute.

As a result of this minting process, players receive a one-of-a-kind head with a specific set of stats, forming the power and identity of their Spinney.

Battle Spiney Head Attributes:

  1. Name:

    • A distinctive identifier providing individuality to your head.

  2. Rarity:

    • Indicates the rarity that depends on the growth factor.

  3. Growth Factor:

    • The potential growth of your Spinney. One of the important indicators that affects the power of all body attributes.

  4. Fraction:

    • Categorizes the head into specific fraction, impacting compatibility with body attributes.

  5. Color:

    • Specifies the primary color that is applied to the body, allowing for visual customization and personalization.

  6. Eyes:

    • Describes the visual characteristics of the eyes, adding personality to your Spinney.

  7. Mouth:

    • Defines the style and appearance of the mouth, contributing to the overall expression.

  8. Headwear:

    • An optional accessory that increases stats as much as aesthetics.

  9. Earring:

    • An optional accessory that increases stats as much as aesthetics.

Understanding and strategically selecting heads based on these attributes is essential for creating a formidable and visually striking Battle Spinney in the dynamic world of Spin Clash.

When a head is entered into the game, the NFT is burned and cannot be withdrawn. This means that this head is participating in the current season. A base body of the Spinney is formed, inheriting certain characteristics from the chosen head. These attributes serve as the foundation for future enhancements.

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